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Overflight permits, permissions and traffic rights

\when working with our team you can be confident in the knowledge that you have the relevant overflight permits and permissions to cover your entire journey within Mauritania .


Landing permits, clearance and slot management

Wherever you plan to fly in Mauritania, we can obtain landing permits, clearances and runway slots to enable you to be fully-compliant with aviation regulations.


Navigation fees To expedite your travel

and for your convenience, we can provide credit for overflight navigation fees. If you provide us with your flight plan and route, we can take care of the rest.


private jets, cargo charter, medical evacuations relief

Whatever your operation, from business aviation and corporate charter, to cargo flights, medical evacuations and emergency/relief flights, we are here to support you.


No restrictions on size/weight of fixed-wing aircraft or helicopters

No matter the size or weight of your fixed-wing aircraft or helicopter, we can obtain permissions and traffic rights for your entire trip.


Diplomatic clearance for vip Travel

If you require diplomatic clearances for VIP travel and transfers, we can support you in organizing these elements of your trip.

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